Lux Convergence LLC Services & Rates

Psychic Medium Readings & Healing Circles

  • 60 minute private reading $75
  • 60 minute phone reading $75
  • Circles up to 10 people $30 each participant

Reiki Sessions

  • 60 minute session $60


  • 60 minute Swedish $60
  • 60 minute Deep Tissue $70


Rachel offers private sessions for anybody that is seeking guidance on their own personal and intuitive development. The goal with these sessions is for each client to walk away with tangible tools and greater clarity for their next step in their own journeys; whether that be creative, career, relationship, or healing development. Rachel will use her many connections in the field of fellow healers, coaches, and creators, along with her own psychic insights to assist her clients in their process. 

  • 60 minute session: $50

Services for Veterans

So many of our returning soldiers suffer from PTSD, and Reiki would be extremely beneficial for them. Although Reiki is also very powerful in alleviating physical ailments, it is most useful in mental and emotional relief and recovery as well. Many refer to Reiki as a “spiritual massage” due to the sense of peace, calm, and well being that almost everybody walks away from a session with. A gratitude price of $20/hour will be given to any Vet that is interested in this service. 

To schedule an appointment, please all 717.382.8589 or book online here.


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