As I have been figuratively writing the book of my life, and especially when it comes to the manifestation of this chapter in it, I have always been a keen observer of divine guidance and synchronicity. I've been sure to try and follow the direction that Life seems to naturally lead me via these two mentioned aspects of reality. Divine guidance is repetitive, as it is your Soul trying to lead you to your highest good. And synchronicity? Well, there is no such thing as coincidence!

Since my Reiki side business was born back in the Fall of 2012, as Lux Reiki, this higher guidance that I speak of and synchronicities have been quite evident every step of the way. I've taken serious notes to repetitive issues and topics that have come up in sessions with clients, and noticed the specific subjects and ways in which people are naturally drawn to me. There comes a point in which you just have to look up to the heavens and say, "Ok. I get the hint!" And as I sensed that there was to be more to my work than just bodywork, the name of my business began to evolve with its purpose. 

To keep it as general as possible, the main issue I see my clients struggling with is a systematic disconnection from their hearts. And you do not need to be a healer or anything of that nature to figure out that the world largely shares this same dis-ease on a collective level. Many people that come to me are looking for a sense of deeper connection to life. They realize that the daily grind that has been assigned to us by society just doesn't seem to be cutting it in terms of personal fulfillment. This is what I mean by we are largely living in a state of 'disconnection'. When one is heart-centered, each moment, no matter how seemingly dull and boring, is a vibrant experience.

In addition to the above mentioned scenario, many potential healers and teachers that are in the beginning stages of their own 'awakening' are another repetitive group of individuals that are magnetized to me. I sometimes feel helpless as to how best to guide them, as I judge that I am still in my own early stages of development in this way. I have been extremely blessed to work closely with some very powerful and wise individuals in this line of 'Calling'; and this is where a greater sense of community and shared conviction is such a beautiful thing to experience. If I can not help a client, I feel confident that I can refer them to someone who can. And that is exactly what I do. I understand that sometimes the only part I will play in somebody's journey is to act as a brief road sign pointing them in the right direction.








Receive guidance, confirmation, and healing messages from your Spirit Guides and loved ones that have passed on.


A one hour private reading shared with a loved one


Readings may be done over the phone, by Skype or Facetime to anywhere throughout the country. 


Readings are given in a gallery setting. Due to the shared energy, as each participant is individually addressed, the whole group also benefits from the guidance received.


Any topic may be addressed during these sessions. Life purpose advice, emotional healing, psychic development, and spiritual practice or direction are all common subjects to be discussed.


Healing is done while client is in a light meditative state. Using the client's subconscious to respond with it's wisdom of repressed emotions or memories, Rachel customizes each healing session's needs based on these revealing cues. These sessions are very deep, but very effective.