Rachel Grundon.

Certified Reiki Master & Teacher.

Clairvoyant and Medium.


"Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all of his strength."
—Hasidic saying


My story begins when I was a child. From the moments I was old enough to start comprehending the fact that I was actively experiencing this thing we call Life, I wanted to know all of the reasons "Why"? My mother will tell you stories about how, as early as the age of four, I would ask her loaded questions such as "Mommy, why did God put me here?". I've always connected to the feeling and deep knowing within me that, like the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, and I definitely have a purpose to fulfill during my time on Earth. This understanding is what has been my North Star as I have navigated through the Oceans of my life. And I am just a reflection of the trial and error process I have experienced as I have sought to walk in alignment with that "Calling", as those who know me have so termed it. 

I grew up in the Christian faith, and have always been drawn to all things Spiritual. Yet, searching for and connecting with the deepest meanings and "Whys" of life have taken me beyond my childhood doctrine. Certain things that I personally experienced as I was growing up, didn't seem to be explainable through the various forms of faith and religious teachings that had already been at my disposal. So, I began to question... everything. And I went on an active search to find my own truths to live by based solely on my own experience. 

It wasn't until 2008, at the age of 23, that I began realizing that seeing lights around people was not a normal every day occurrence for most. I had always seen white light extending about an inch or two from people's skin, and didn't think much of it. Then, in 2008, I began seeing more colors around people, and they were extending much further from their person than the short distance of the white glow. A simple inquiry to my sister to see if she noticed the same thing revealed to me that I was probably a little unique in this way when she answered, "No". In the same sentence, she then suggested to me that I may be seeing people's auras. And with that, and a little googled research, I began to see that I had somewhat of a gift with this sight. And in that moment, I felt an internal 'click'. This was one piece of the puzzle to helping me figure out what this ever present feeling of Purpose I've mentioned earlier really was.

Naturally, when I found that I was literally seeing energy I wanted to learn how to turn this aspect of myself into something that I could use to benefit others. This inclination, and a not so random suggestion from my spiritual mentor at the time, directed me into learning Reiki energy healing. As I approached Reiki, I thought that would probably be my destination with my work as a healer, but it turned out to be only the beginning. I quickly followed through with all 3 possible levels of Reiki certification, and in March of 2013 LUX REIKI was born as my side business to work on Reiki clients. It wasn't long after that I began to notice some interesting things happening to me as I would work on people's bodies. 

When I would tune into a person's energy as I would be working on them during a session, I began to see visions in my mind about the individual I was working on. As I would tell my client what I was 'seeing', they would be surprised to confirm that I was indeed picking up on daily events of their lives, or personal emotional issues that they had stored inside that needed to be addressed. And with this, it seemed like another piece of my internal puzzle clicked and fell into place. 

At the time, I had been working closely with Sharon Asky, owner of Graceful Heart Bookstore in Carlisle. I regarded her as a dear friend and somewhat of a personal spiritual guide of mine. Upon learning of my clairvoyant abilities, she offered for me to start doing Angel Card readings out of her shop, and with that began my professional psychic career. 

Doing such work in a professional setting quickly impressed upon me that I needed to sharpen whatever natural psychic gifts I already had and was working with. Fortunately at the time, the amazing psychic medium that I had been going to for personal readings, Maggie Salter, announced that she would be offering an Intuitive Mentorship class. This was exactly what I needed, and I spent the next 9 months under her exceptional guidance. I was surprised to notice that most of her class work was comprised of emotional healing techniques and topics, some of which were facilitated and some that were done by one's self.  I had expected something more along the lines of tarot cards and crystal balls, but by the end of the course work, I fully understood her approach to intuitive development. Healing thy self. To begin to see life through the eyes of a child again. This is the secret. 

And this is my message for my clients and students, as well. All external progress is anchored to an already developed inner process that is taking place. If your goal is to help heal others, you must first heal yourself. If your goal is to simply awaken your own creative and intuitive abilities, you must unblock yourself from within. If your goal is to address externally manifested disease within the body, the healing process is rooted to something internally deeper. Our own pain, expectations, and need to control Life are the only things getting in our way of true happiness and reaching our fullest potential. We are the only ones stopping ourselves.  The expression outward is the reflection of a journey inward. Do not be afraid to go deep. 

By the end of Maggie's class, my mediumship abilities were really beginning to blossom. And with that, I just naturally followed where the Universe seemed to be leading me in the form of opportunities to use my newest psychic developments in my healing work. I am now a featured reader out of 3 locations in the extended Harrisburg area, and I also offer private readings and parties for clients that wish to work with me separately. And of course, I still offer Reiki and utilize my further abilities for my clients during these sessions, as well. All sessions, though, are conducted through a healer's perspective. Self refection and growth is always my goal with my clients. 

I have gone into detail here about my own personal process and development, because I have a deep understanding that my story is not something extraordinary. Yes, I may have naturally been able to see subtle energy around a person's body, but the rest of what I have accomplished has been reached by simple self healing and practice.  I speak about my memories from childhood, and the way I chose to question my way through life, because these two aspects were major keys to my own successes along the way. I feel it is very important to remember how we personally viewed life as a child. There is a very telling substance for unlocking our potential found in those memories. 

When one connects with their true purpose , and yes everybody has one, the Universe moves to assist them. This depth of alignment is attainable by everybody, and it is never too late to get there. And the beauty of it all is that each individual's expression of this truest connection will be unique to only them. The Soul knows when it is headed in the direction of "home", when it's discovered its intended path. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Most of us have just simply forgotten the natural language of our essence. My story is an account of my self healing. Of how I am learning to decode the matrix of the heart. A simple journey of remembrance. 

"I'm your mirror; if I can do this in my life, you can do it in yours."   - Marina Abramovic 

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