Gratefully, there are simple ways to shift from a mind that is busy and driven to being present and spontaneous. Its a process though that takes time and it may seem contradictory, but it takes consistency. The mind, brain, emotions, and physical have to make the shift.
— Karen Kovacs: Director, Amethyst Retreat Center

The beginning of a beautiful friendship...

In 2016 Lux Convergence set out to convert its finance structure from an LLC to non-profit, to keep with its blossoming philosophy that healing should be accessible to all, regardless of finances, and that creating a community network of healers, teachers, volunteers, and other philanthropic souls was the way to do it. In doing so, the Lux Team visited several operating 501(c)3 sites to draw inspiration from and plant the seeds of and within this burgeoning community. 

One such non-profit organization has graciously opened its doors and given Lux the opportunity and resources that Lux can keep its LLC structure, while still practicing methods of gift-economy out in this growing community. 

Amethyst Retreat Center is located on 144 acres in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. They are committed to inspiring, educating, and collaborating with others to create a lifestyle and ways of learning, healing, and living:

  • where Nature and our True Nature are a source of healing and wellness where Peace is nurtured by respecting all ways of being and all religious and spiritual paths that are love based
  • where love, honesty, and gifting others is valued and practiced in all things
  • where healing happens naturally and blossoms into appreciative awareness

As Amethyst's philosophy so keenly parallel's the mission of Lux Convergence LLC, the Lux team is excited to partner with the gracious space that is Amethyst Retreat Center!