I would like to recognize a few individuals that have assisted me in my own self-realization process. Whether they acted as a mentor for me, or provided me opportunities for exposure by promoting me out of their businesses, I want to acknowledge the support they have given me along the way. This page of appreciation also serves as my professional endorsement of these people and the services they offer. Thank you.


For her exceptional guidance as my first 'real' counselor as I started out on this personal quest of mine in earnest back in 2012. She is extremely knowledgeable in facilitation healing, and her resume is extensive with experience ranging from holistic therapist to board certification as a chaplain. Thank you, Mirabai, for inspiring me since the moment I first met you back in 2007 at the Woman Within weekend, and then guiding me further a few years later when I was finally 'ready'.


Sharon is the owner of Gracefull Heart Bookstore in Carlisle, PA. She offers many healing services and self-exploratory workshops out of her shop. She also does amazing personal work as a Reiki Healer and Teacher. Thank you, Sharon, for all of your time, guidance, and support. 


Maggie is a local psychic medium in the Harrisburg, PA area. She really helped me open up to my own intuitive and psychic abilities through her intuitive mentorship course, which focused mostly on self-healing. What I thought was going to be a course of just psychic exercises, ended up being the most intensely transformative process of my life. Her healer's approach to her work is what sets this class apart from other psychic development courses. Her resume is also extensive in all things holistic.


Rickie is the owner of "Reiki by Rickie" in Harrisburg, PA. She provides exceptional Reiki services, classes, and workshops out of her space, and assists fellow holistic practitioners in realizing their business potential. Thank you, Rickie, for the opportunities and support you have already provided me with. 


Jaqueline is owner of Kundalini Yoga and Wellness out of New Cumberland, PA. She provides many different holistic and spiritual classes from her space, and many events are free in order to promote community and awareness along this line of work. She, herself, specializes in Shamanic work and energy healing, but also instructs various forms of Yoga classes, as well. Thank you, Jaque, for promoting me from your space. 


Christie is the talent behind Christie Rackley Photography. She has the natural ability to capture life's small profound moments in a way that only an artist can produce. The attention to detail is what makes all the difference. She is the artist for just about all of the photos on this site. So, as you can see, her work speaks for itself. Thank you, Christie, for all of your protection, support, and belief in me and my work.


Alicia is owner of Humblebee Hollow Reiki & Massage. Having termed her style "Reikissage" she incorporates both Reiki energy work and different therapeutic massage techniques to promote deep relaxation and healing for her clients. The combination of both these modalities provides a powerful experience beyond just the physical aspects of massage. Thank you, Alicia, for your deep friendship, compassion, and support. 


Gina is owner of Elephant Medicine Massage. She specializes in various different massage techniques including Indian Head Massage. Gina is also a Reiki practitioner and utilizes her intuition to customize each session according to her clients needs. The combination of massage and energy work leaves her clients with a greater sense of peace and well-being. Thank you, Gina, for all of your encouragement, friendship, and support. 


Swen is an extremely talented artist who specializes in media arts and digital animation. He excells in 3D graphics, digital illustration, CGI, and is known for the many logos he has created for a large variety of clientele. And of course, he created ours! He enjoys custom projects both personal and professional, and we are proud to support him!