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Sacred Ecology: Meditations and Discussion on the Humans Place in Nature

  • LUX CONVERGENCE 939 Kranzel Drive Camp Hill, PA, 17011 United States (map)

 Sacred ecology explores the natural world as an access point to the sacred and our relationship there of. In this workshop we will explore existential questions such as: What is the concept of self? What is our place in nature? How do we see ourselves amongst the wider family of earth's inhabitants, in which the animals and plants extend to dynamic living ecosystems and, perhaps, sentient waters? Might the concept of "self" be the root of of our more serious environmental struggles? Sacred Ecology reclaims the awareness of our integral connection with the earth, our inner "self", as well as our surrounding community. This workshop will be divided into two key portions: a guided meditation into the evolution of earth as well as it's fundamental urgency to be healed and an intellectual discussion on the more specific concepts of nature and wilderness, indigenous perspectives, ecology, the self, and our sacred connection with the interconnected web of life.


Jessi Rose is an adventurous pixie who loves to dance upon her toes across tree roots, plant seeds of change in the hearts of all who listen and sing the medicine songs of her ancestors. Her playful spirit is passionate about sacred ecology and ancestral healing. She has been on her own shamanic path for over three years, studying with an assortment of medicine women and men. In addition, she holds a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from the University of Kentucky. If that wasn't enough to satiate her appetite for life, she is also a freelance nanny, keen gardener and intuitive ceramic potter. Being versed in shamanic practices as well as the art of facilitating, she guides participants through a primodrial journey into earth's wisdom and provides listeners with a profound ecological awareness.