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  • Lux Convergence Kranzel Drive Camp Hill, PA, 17011 United States (map)


We fondly call the small group readings Healing Circles, as the messages that come through for the individuals being read often have personal meaning for everyone that is present. Each person that attends a Healing Circle contributes their own unique energy to the group. By coming together in this way, we create a safe space for all that are present to be vulnerable and open to receiving guidance. Healing Circles are a powerful and fascinating experience, as Hope displays the unique ways in which Spirit speaks to her individually for each participant.

Hope is a clairvoyant-medium who has a passion for personal
transformation and transcendence, her readings are focused on
empowering others on their own life journey and ambitions. She is able
to remote view, see predictive timelines, and speak with our loved
ones that have passed on.

Readings will be done in a group setting. Come and Share this powerful group experience!


Seating is limited to 7, so please make reservations by clicking here.