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  • LUX CONVERGENCE 939 Kranzel Drive Camp Hill, PA, 17011 United States (map)

Learn about the key to unlock your unique feminine power so you can own your throne!  

This fun and informative workshop will teach you about the feminine archetypes that form different aspects of your unique personality.  Much like a collection of shoes you own, the goal is to have and wear shoes appropriate for every occasion and to get rid of the ones that no longer fit or hurt you. 

Observing your dominant archetypes is a form of mindfulness that helps us become aware of our patterns and motivations.  It gives us a powerful tool to find balance and act with awareness so that we can then make a conscious choice about how we show up in the world, at work, at home, with our family, friends and loved ones.    

We'll use meditation, art, movement and process work to gain insight and inspiration about how to support healing and growth for ourselves and each other.  

Refreshments will be provided.

Investment $75

Pre-Registration is required.

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Mirabai Galashan is an internationally renowned facilitator with over 15 years’ experience in personal and professional development. A global nomad who designs and delivers experiential workshops and educational seminars as well as coaching individuals, couples and teams, Mirabai has worked with thousands of people around the world in settings ranging from multinational corporations, world-class clinical and academic institutions to residential retreats and is known for her intuitive insight and ability to inspire. Mirabai gently challenges habitual beliefs and behavior to offer fresh perspective, exciting new possibilities, piping hot epiphanies and the occasional small miracle.