• LUX CONVERGENCE Kranzel Drive Camp Hill, PA, 17011 United States

Please join us for an event that is both practical and spiritual. Laura Souders is owner and founder of "Healthier Spaces Organizing", and she will be taking us through an evening of discovering just how important it is for us to be living with our homes and living spaces clutter free. Many times after a client has worked with Laura to successfully de-clutter their home, they report having increased flow and happiness in many other areas of their lives, as well. Laura understands that this effect is due to the psychology and energy of how a person relates to their world and surroundings. Laura will help us to understand the reasons why we might hold onto junk or items from our past, and systematically assist us in understanding the necessity of letting it go and moving on. This process can be used effectively in all areas of our lives, including relationships and memories from the past!

Investment: $25