I think it's sad that humans seem to have no real reference point for death or endings other than a prevailing sense of dread associated with heart-wrenching pain.

All of life is organically ever evolving. Seasons come and go, both within the world of nature on this planet, and so it is also in the nature of our hearts. If you plant a seed, and then put a box over top of that seed, as the plant grows it will eventually try to break through the confines of that box as it evolves upwards on its vibrant journey. Or, it will die. Life is not meant to be boxed in. The nature of energy is to shift, expand and retract... like a breath. There are so many natural examples of this law. Cycles are a natural, and inescapable part of life. And yet, we do not witness the world weeping as her leaves begin to fade and fall as summer comes to an end, giving way to the darkness and death of winter. Rather, all of nature prepares for the intensity of that season with due respect and awareness of the grand re-set that is taking place on an internal level of the planet at this time, and everything adjusts. And then, faithfully we are delivered into a beautiful new birth of life as spring comes around again. And so it continues.

Such are the matters of the human life and heart. We are born, and then we die, and then (depending on personal preference of belief) we are born again. And in the fractal nature of all of existence... our daily lives and experiences mirror this same dynamic. We wake up every day, and we go to sleep. We breathe in, we breathe out. We energetically grow close to someone, and (undeniably this is something we have all experienced at some point) then we experience a natural disconnecting and distancing.

We don't cry when we go to sleep at night. We don't lock up in fear or anger when we pause after our exhale. Why, then, do we seem so insistent on vilifying the concept of natural 'endings' in other forms? Why must physical death and relational deaths be seen and experienced with horror and dread? What is it about our finite understanding that prevents us from embracing and respecting these unavoidable aspects of nature?

Perhaps we put too much focus on our co-dependent relationship with our exterior world, as our ego drips the story line of third dimensional ultimatums in our ears.

Perhaps we have forgotten that we are infinite and omnipotent organic beings, blooming, budding, and retracting in our experiential evolution. Gaining awareness through every death that that is not our final destination... but rather life, vibrant power, and love.

~ Rachel