Everything we experience in this life is manufactured by us, on the deepest of levels, purely for the experience. Even the most painful moments, and feelings of stagnation, are designed by our infinite intelligence to mirror to us aspects of ourselves that we still need to wake up to, and step fuller into ourselves and empowerment. Our own minds are our own truest enemies. There is nothing, and no one, outside of ourselves that are able to control or block us, unless we allow them. We give our power away, everyday and in so many ways, and then complain about the plate that sits before us. When we remove ourselves from the position that we see ourselves in reference to points A, B, C, etc... we are able to see that even the points that seem separate and disjointed, are all just part of the same continuum and whole. They are beautiful alternative avenues of experience and perspective. All part of the same "You". And because of 'that', all of that is beautiful and perfect.

And then, even our own minds that stand to be our greatest barriers to overcome, can also be seen as the transcendent creative masters that they (we) truly are.