Ever so comfortably slipping into my robe of reluctance. As I sink into the despair of disempowerment. Lurking in lethargy and victimization. Staring straight ahead, scrying for the secret that's unfolding. My heart, reaching for redemption as a scream wells up from a thousand fathoms inside me. Tipping my glass of apathetic anesthesia; spilling it onto to floor before it fatally floods my head ..........


...... Responding to a whisper, as it scratches at my pain. A heralding reminder to turn my back on such distain. An open hand in invitation, to guide me through the rain. A clear and potent image forever seared into my brain. The Light is still there, burning, keeping me lucid, straight, and sane.


This way, that.
That way, this.
Heaven. Hell.
Woe... or bliss.

"Choose.... carefully. It's only your destiny that's calling."