Sitting here in Gettysburg... and this is upon me.

Since the origins of mankind, men and women are born into this world, everyday. Everyday millions of new arrivals are ushered into this life. With what purpose do they come? Obviously, there is a spark existing from birth that is clean of past decisions of consequences (disregarding past lives karma). Within each person lies infinite potential and energy, just waiting to be manifested and molded through intent. What will that intent be?

150 years ago, almost to the day, thousands of men (and women) were gathered on this ground with one common intent. Some of these men were ranked higher in earthly standards than others, yet each of them contained equal potential. Every one of those men, in those exact moments, were not thinking about the fact that hundreds of years later the impact of their actions would still be felt to such a degree. They were simply living each moment, with a goal set in mind, and the hopes that they'd survive. Some of those men walked away from this field as heroes, while others never walked away at all. In either case, each one of their acts of intent that day have impacted the course of history forever.

This battle technically lasted only 3 days. 3 days made up of millions of seconds. Each one of those moments were lived with extreme intent and purpose by the men and women that endured it. The rest speaks for itself.

I wonder... what Intent do our moments consist of?