Rejecting our own family
Our sisters and our brothers 
We see the world as hostile 
Divided into "others"

Why, then, when we deconstruct
The walls that we have laid
We see the Truth of severance:
A game that we have played

Here is what I dream of 
Please listen with intent 
For as I say just what I feel
I hope you will consent

I have a crystal vision
Of worlds beyond this plane
But when I try to share it
Some think of me insane

It seems more of a memory
A place I've seen before 
To me it is a knowing 
Makes me strive for something more

I see people working
In union with each other
Politics, race, religion
They don't matter, we discover

We learn to see the world
Through our hearts and not our minds
We'll see through the illusion
See that Love's the tie that binds

Children will be given 
Permission to create
As pure imagination 
Is what we reinstate

We love our Mother Nature
We honor her with care 
We begin to fully realize
She's our duty to repair

We embrace all of our differences 
As a beautiful bouquet
Each color hue is needed 
To complete the grand display

Greed is slowly silenced 
No stress induced anxiety
We calm the fear of survival 
Through cooperative society

Wounds of the emotions 
And psyche are repaired
Compassion is our ruler
Cuz we're no longer scared

Wars are seen as pointless
Personal and global
Cuz our reverence for humanity 
Is nothing short if noble

Lately, I've been tending 
To linger in my sleep
For that is where reality 
Is this dream I wish to keep

But, I am growing discontent 
With chasing wishful visions
I'm becoming rather anxious 
With my glaring indecision

I want to see my life reflect 
What's inside my heart
If no one else will play along 
Least I can do my part

From here on out my Soul will guide
You can come or you can stay
Compromise; essential
I simply seek a better way