When I read for people, I am "shown" various insights into their lives, including helpful Energies that are around them in various forms. One of the heaviest things that sticks with me as I have gained greater experience with this Work is just how much people doubt themselves, in general. If I could let you all see yourselves through my Spiritual Eyes, there would be three things that you would recognize:

1. You are far more gifted, and have much greater potential than you realize. I am astonished almost daily as to just how many people I "see clearly" into the ways in which they have a beautiful gift to express to the world that is laying dormant. They stay stagnant because, either they do not believe in themselves enough, or nobody has ever given them an accurate reflection of just how unique, special, and capable they truly are.

2. Never ever doubt your own intuition. I would say that about %85 of the readings I do end up being me telling people what I see, and then it just lining up to confirm what they were already feeling in the first place. They just wanted to have somebody else that they THINK knows more than them confirm it to give them greater confidence in their own decisions.

You already know.

3. If you could see the various Helpers and loved ones in Spirit that you have around you on a regular basis, all of which are either there to specifically guide you to your highest good, or simply to give you love and support... you would never feel alone again. Nor would you ever doubt that you are considered precious and absolutely worthy by The Universe, itself.