Expectations for Healing

Be careful when praying for, or setting your intention for Healing in all aspects of life. Healing, for any situation, can look different than what our expectations are. Each person’s Soul knows what is best for it, and will manifest whatever situations are needed for it’s development and restoration. This happens regardless of what our minds may tell us is the “best” way or outcome.

For instance, when one is sick with cancer, and everybody is praying for Healing for them, sometimes that Healing will come in an unexpected manner. If it is that person’s “time to go”, no amount of prayers will produce an outcome other than death. BUT, the Healing that was prayed for may manifest itself in the form of that person being “ready” and at peace with death and the process.

When it comes to Healing on an emotional and life level, be prepared for some “heat” to come through your life before things will get better. You can not recognize the Light without the darkness so life will always bring “hard” situations for us to work through to shift our energy to a higher vibration and awareness. Do not expect a “wave of the magic wand and all is well” type scenario. BUT, take comfort in the fact that when you are going through the difficult times, your Healing is manifesting itself into reality. In these instances, “Healing is in the Heat.”

But, in ALL cases, like everything in life, Healing is very personal. We may think we know what we and others need, but we don't. It would benefit us to separate our expectations from how any type of Healing should look, or how long it should take. Because it will ALWAYS be PERFECT and unique for each individual. But once it is “asked for” it will most definitely come.