I struggled to find an ounce of good in me, to love myself, to be happy. I questioned why do I have to go through all this ? Well, let me tell you why... before I was born I chose this life. I'm here to share, to shed light in some of the darkest places. I'm gonna help heal. It's what the universe has prepared me for.



Ever so comfortably slipping into my robe of reluctance. As I sink into the despair of disempowerment. Lurking in lethargy and victimization. Staring straight ahead, scrying for the secret that's unfolding. My heart, reaching for redemption as a scream wells up from a thousand fathoms inside me. Tipping my glass of apathetic anesthesia; spilling it onto to floor before it fatally floods my head ..........


...... Responding to a whisper, as it scratches at my pain. A heralding reminder to turn my back on such distain. An open hand in invitation, to guide me through the rain. A clear and potent image forever seared into my brain. The Light is still there, burning, keeping me lucid, straight, and sane.


This way, that.
That way, this.
Heaven. Hell.
Woe... or bliss.

"Choose.... carefully. It's only your destiny that's calling."



Everything we experience in this life is manufactured by us, on the deepest of levels, purely for the experience. Even the most painful moments, and feelings of stagnation, are designed by our infinite intelligence to mirror to us aspects of ourselves that we still need to wake up to, and step fuller into ourselves and empowerment. Our own minds are our own truest enemies. There is nothing, and no one, outside of ourselves that are able to control or block us, unless we allow them. We give our power away, everyday and in so many ways, and then complain about the plate that sits before us. When we remove ourselves from the position that we see ourselves in reference to points A, B, C, etc... we are able to see that even the points that seem separate and disjointed, are all just part of the same continuum and whole. They are beautiful alternative avenues of experience and perspective. All part of the same "You". And because of 'that', all of that is beautiful and perfect.

And then, even our own minds that stand to be our greatest barriers to overcome, can also be seen as the transcendent creative masters that they (we) truly are.


I think it's sad that humans seem to have no real reference point for death or endings other than a prevailing sense of dread associated with heart-wrenching pain.

All of life is organically ever evolving. Seasons come and go, both within the world of nature on this planet, and so it is also in the nature of our hearts. If you plant a seed, and then put a box over top of that seed, as the plant grows it will eventually try to break through the confines of that box as it evolves upwards on its vibrant journey. Or, it will die. Life is not meant to be boxed in. The nature of energy is to shift, expand and retract... like a breath. There are so many natural examples of this law. Cycles are a natural, and inescapable part of life. And yet, we do not witness the world weeping as her leaves begin to fade and fall as summer comes to an end, giving way to the darkness and death of winter. Rather, all of nature prepares for the intensity of that season with due respect and awareness of the grand re-set that is taking place on an internal level of the planet at this time, and everything adjusts. And then, faithfully we are delivered into a beautiful new birth of life as spring comes around again. And so it continues.

Such are the matters of the human life and heart. We are born, and then we die, and then (depending on personal preference of belief) we are born again. And in the fractal nature of all of existence... our daily lives and experiences mirror this same dynamic. We wake up every day, and we go to sleep. We breathe in, we breathe out. We energetically grow close to someone, and (undeniably this is something we have all experienced at some point) then we experience a natural disconnecting and distancing.

We don't cry when we go to sleep at night. We don't lock up in fear or anger when we pause after our exhale. Why, then, do we seem so insistent on vilifying the concept of natural 'endings' in other forms? Why must physical death and relational deaths be seen and experienced with horror and dread? What is it about our finite understanding that prevents us from embracing and respecting these unavoidable aspects of nature?

Perhaps we put too much focus on our co-dependent relationship with our exterior world, as our ego drips the story line of third dimensional ultimatums in our ears.

Perhaps we have forgotten that we are infinite and omnipotent organic beings, blooming, budding, and retracting in our experiential evolution. Gaining awareness through every death that that is not our final destination... but rather life, vibrant power, and love.

~ Rachel


Sitting here in Gettysburg... and this is upon me.

Since the origins of mankind, men and women are born into this world, everyday. Everyday millions of new arrivals are ushered into this life. With what purpose do they come? Obviously, there is a spark existing from birth that is clean of past decisions of consequences (disregarding past lives karma). Within each person lies infinite potential and energy, just waiting to be manifested and molded through intent. What will that intent be?

150 years ago, almost to the day, thousands of men (and women) were gathered on this ground with one common intent. Some of these men were ranked higher in earthly standards than others, yet each of them contained equal potential. Every one of those men, in those exact moments, were not thinking about the fact that hundreds of years later the impact of their actions would still be felt to such a degree. They were simply living each moment, with a goal set in mind, and the hopes that they'd survive. Some of those men walked away from this field as heroes, while others never walked away at all. In either case, each one of their acts of intent that day have impacted the course of history forever.

This battle technically lasted only 3 days. 3 days made up of millions of seconds. Each one of those moments were lived with extreme intent and purpose by the men and women that endured it. The rest speaks for itself.

I wonder... what Intent do our moments consist of?




It’s been just over a month since I left my corporate job to pursue my life’s mission… And here’s what I’ve learned so far: 1. It ain’t that different after all, kids… - When I set out to pursue a life of harmony and purpose, I had this preconceived notion in my head that I would enter this magical bubble of spiritual healers, artists and energy workers who were constantly emitting rays of sunshine and butterflies. Imagine unicorns vomiting rainbows while the faeries dance on wings of angels… Yeah – that was what I thought. Consider that bubble officially busted. It’s been a serious eye opener for me to be met with a harsh dose of reality in that, my corporate gig wasn’t that far off from my spiritual pursuit of purpose.

Let me explain: I have come to realize that no matter where you go, what you do, or who you interact with, you will always be met with core challenges. The energy will not always align (and that’s OK!). And you will always have to make decisions based on your head AND your heart – using your divine Emotional Intelligence to interpret, gauge and assess a situation to make positive, loving choices as a result of those evaluations. Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing, regardless of what realm of energy you are working in.

2. There is no room for ego… - I started in my corporate job 8 years ago, at the low end of the totem pole, working for $10.00 an hour. Through years of perseverance, pride in one’s work, and dedication, I moved my way up 9 pay grades to a salaried position that anyone would be happy living the rest of their days out in. After all, we work until we’re old anyways, right? Hello, 401k retirement! I knew through my own ability to apply myself and really hone my skillset, that I was a formidable ally and asset to the company. I knew that they knew that I knew that too.

Somewhere though, as I was climbing this corporate ladder, I realized that my heart wasn’t in it. I was a team player in the game, making shots and handing off passes, but never celebrating my personal touch downs like I should have been. I was comfortable, an expert in my field, and I knew that I had stability and control in my position. Fast forward to present day.

4 weeks… Four weeks is all it took to shift my perception of stability back into reality. Now I say that there is no room for ego… and I believe that… because my take on ego and unconditional love are completely opposite than what they were previously. I used to think it was all head or it was all heart - there was no in between, and now I realize it’s a balancing act walking the tightrope between my head and my heart. To better clarify; here are just a few differences I have taken personal notice to within myself in the past few weeks:

• Ego judges other peoples journeys and their individual processes of healing. Unconditional love accepts the journey and supports the process – whether the person believes it to be right in their head. The heart says to love unconditionally, not just when you feel like it’s the “right time” or the person is “ready”.

• Ego says you can or can’t, while unconditional love says “Why not?” and “What if?”

• Ego allows you to be fearful or feel wronged, while unconditional love allows you to feel safe and compassionate towards others.

• Ego requires that you boast of yourself to others (I like to call that “peacocking”, which we’ve all been guilty of at one point or another), while unconditional love just requires that you love one another, and that love will be returned to you ten-fold. That leads me into my third, but not final lesson in these few short weeks…

3. Know Your Worth, Understand Your Boundaries: - Time is Money, Money is Time – we’ve all heard that saying. While it sounds so cold and insensitive, I believe it holds some truth behind its brazenness. More often than not, I have been presented with opportunities to provide services at free or little cost to the person receiving - and that is OK! I am ALL about giving, because I know that it will be returned to me someday…. But in the same breath, I recognize that in this line of work, and in everyday life – you can’t keep making withdrawals without making a deposit, because eventually your energy bank will be empty. And the obvious imbalance will take its toll on your physical body and your emotional health.

It’s a fine line to walk, to want to provide healing services to as many people as possible, but to also honor myself in my journey as well. I’m all about the bartering system – you want to trade?! I’m all ears! But I also recognize that in the same token, I am providing a very special service that has taken me years to cultivate and grow, through many personal highs and lows (albeit physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), and that my journey should also be honored.

Corporate was easy – Monday morning comes, you roll out of bed, head to work with that Monday face of dread and know that you’ve only got 4 days and 8 hours until the weekend begins… Hey, it’s a paycheck, right!? Cha-ching! Now that my bank account has no guaranteed direct deposit coming every two weeks, the raw realization that my future, my destiny, the path I forge, and the care I take of my family is all on me. I am solely responsible for the flow of energy that is imported and exported in my life – physically, emotionally, spiritually and monetarily. In my truest heart of hearts, if I could provide services for free, I absolutely would – but my head knows that in a world that requires money to survive, I need to honor myself and those around me by maintaining an open exchange of energy, time and boundaries. After all, it’s all about balance…

While I continue on this harmonious pursuit of passion and purpose, I find that my head and heart have had to become more of team than ever before… And I honor that about myself and my sisters and brothers around me as we push forward with raising vibrational awareness and love in the world. I’m excited to see where the next four weeks takes me in my journey to enlightenment. Peace, Blessings, Gratitude and Love to each and everyone one of you (and maybe a little rainbow unicorn vomit too, just for effect ).






Rejecting our own family
Our sisters and our brothers 
We see the world as hostile 
Divided into "others"

Why, then, when we deconstruct
The walls that we have laid
We see the Truth of severance:
A game that we have played

Here is what I dream of 
Please listen with intent 
For as I say just what I feel
I hope you will consent

I have a crystal vision
Of worlds beyond this plane
But when I try to share it
Some think of me insane

It seems more of a memory
A place I've seen before 
To me it is a knowing 
Makes me strive for something more

I see people working
In union with each other
Politics, race, religion
They don't matter, we discover

We learn to see the world
Through our hearts and not our minds
We'll see through the illusion
See that Love's the tie that binds

Children will be given 
Permission to create
As pure imagination 
Is what we reinstate

We love our Mother Nature
We honor her with care 
We begin to fully realize
She's our duty to repair

We embrace all of our differences 
As a beautiful bouquet
Each color hue is needed 
To complete the grand display

Greed is slowly silenced 
No stress induced anxiety
We calm the fear of survival 
Through cooperative society

Wounds of the emotions 
And psyche are repaired
Compassion is our ruler
Cuz we're no longer scared

Wars are seen as pointless
Personal and global
Cuz our reverence for humanity 
Is nothing short if noble

Lately, I've been tending 
To linger in my sleep
For that is where reality 
Is this dream I wish to keep

But, I am growing discontent 
With chasing wishful visions
I'm becoming rather anxious 
With my glaring indecision

I want to see my life reflect 
What's inside my heart
If no one else will play along 
Least I can do my part

From here on out my Soul will guide
You can come or you can stay
Compromise; essential
I simply seek a better way


Single bright white feather laying right in the middle of my windshield this morning. They say coins and feathers are signs from your angels. And bright white fluffy feathers always seem to randomly appear in my path during times of big personal shifts for me. 


When I read for people, I am "shown" various insights into their lives, including helpful Energies that are around them in various forms. One of the heaviest things that sticks with me as I have gained greater experience with this Work is just how much people doubt themselves, in general. If I could let you all see yourselves through my Spiritual Eyes, there would be three things that you would recognize:

1. You are far more gifted, and have much greater potential than you realize. I am astonished almost daily as to just how many people I "see clearly" into the ways in which they have a beautiful gift to express to the world that is laying dormant. They stay stagnant because, either they do not believe in themselves enough, or nobody has ever given them an accurate reflection of just how unique, special, and capable they truly are.

2. Never ever doubt your own intuition. I would say that about %85 of the readings I do end up being me telling people what I see, and then it just lining up to confirm what they were already feeling in the first place. They just wanted to have somebody else that they THINK knows more than them confirm it to give them greater confidence in their own decisions.

You already know.

3. If you could see the various Helpers and loved ones in Spirit that you have around you on a regular basis, all of which are either there to specifically guide you to your highest good, or simply to give you love and support... you would never feel alone again. Nor would you ever doubt that you are considered precious and absolutely worthy by The Universe, itself. 


Hats Off To Robin

When the world learned of Robin Williams passing, many unexpected thoughts and feelings flooded through me as I learned more details about his personal struggles. I learned that Robin and I shared a mutual friend, named Depression. As the unfortunate news of Robin's death and the circumstances surrounding it came to light, people around the world were forced to open their eyes to a subject that can be bewildering and uncomfortable for many to talk about or embrace. I found myself moved immensely during that time, and I began to post about my thoughts on Facebook. Here is one of these posts. May you find compassion, understanding, and empathy though these words of my perspective. 

"Until you've stared down that level of depression, until you've lost your soul to a sea of emptiness and darkness... you don't get to make those judgments."

This will be my last post about Robin. But, as someone who has struggled with depression myself, this whole subject around his death has hit me deeper and more personally than perhaps most. I've been so drawn to this whole event, because fully recognizing what this man went through has been somewhat therapeutic for me. 

I think it is very easy for people to make judgments about those that are depressed as if their perception on life is the only thing that needs to shift. "Stop focusing on what you feel is wrong with your life and start counting your blessings." was what a lot of people would tell me when I would be in the thick of it. What they didn't understand, and what I actually didn't understand until rather recently, is that it goes beyond simple focus shifts like that. NOTHING about your ability to 'properly focus' is going to change until you have gathered all that you are meant to from that lower state. And when people that are inexperienced or uneducated about this subject make harsh judgments about your character (or lack there of) based on what they see you going through and the way you are handling it, that only serves to make the isolation feeling even worse.

Some depression is circumstantial and some is genetic. But in either case, from my own experience, I believe that life's painful moments are given to us to embrace. I have found that there is something to be gained and personally reclaimed from each one of my past dives into the darker depths of life. There have been invaluable and extremely powerful treasures laying at the bottom of my life's ocean floor. And each time I would resurface, the new sky would look brighter than the last. 

How can we fully appreciate this organic experience, if we are only willing to accept what we judge as positive exposure. That would be unbalanced. And as one who looks at everything from a healer's point of view... how can any of us help another in pain if we have not also experienced our own? Because we are all here to help heal each other, not just us that deeply connect with this aspect of our beings, and actively pursue a life role as such. 

Be willing to embrace ALL that life has in store for you, without judgment that this is 'good' and that is 'bad', because it's alllll good, my friend. And, actually, it was only when I was willing to see my darker moments in this way, for the treasure that they truly are, that I finally began to completely see, feel, and appreciate the Light in my life. And this in turn helped me to see the true Light in others. 

Hats off to Robin.

Expectations for Healing

Be careful when praying for, or setting your intention for Healing in all aspects of life. Healing, for any situation, can look different than what our expectations are. Each person’s Soul knows what is best for it, and will manifest whatever situations are needed for it’s development and restoration. This happens regardless of what our minds may tell us is the “best” way or outcome.

For instance, when one is sick with cancer, and everybody is praying for Healing for them, sometimes that Healing will come in an unexpected manner. If it is that person’s “time to go”, no amount of prayers will produce an outcome other than death. BUT, the Healing that was prayed for may manifest itself in the form of that person being “ready” and at peace with death and the process.

When it comes to Healing on an emotional and life level, be prepared for some “heat” to come through your life before things will get better. You can not recognize the Light without the darkness so life will always bring “hard” situations for us to work through to shift our energy to a higher vibration and awareness. Do not expect a “wave of the magic wand and all is well” type scenario. BUT, take comfort in the fact that when you are going through the difficult times, your Healing is manifesting itself into reality. In these instances, “Healing is in the Heat.”

But, in ALL cases, like everything in life, Healing is very personal. We may think we know what we and others need, but we don't. It would benefit us to separate our expectations from how any type of Healing should look, or how long it should take. Because it will ALWAYS be PERFECT and unique for each individual. But once it is “asked for” it will most definitely come.

A metaphor for Reiki

I have a lot of people that ask me to explain Reiki to them in tangible terms. Many times I have tried to go about it talking about God's Universal Healing Energy and the Science behind it. Often times this type of explanation leaves people bewildered and needing to “see it to believe it”.

Having thought on this subject more though, there is a much more simpler and perceptible way of relaying this.

You know when a child falls down and scrapes their knee? When mommy comes to kiss it and make it feel better? THAT is Reiki.... in it’s simplest form. For IT is LOVE. 

Never fear shadows

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there is a light shining nearby.”
—Ruth E. Renkel
I am so blessed to be able to witness these amazing sights just outside of my work door each week.

I am so blessed to be able to witness these amazing sights just outside of my work door each week.

Every morning...

Every morning when I wake up I have a choice. I can choose happiness, joy, gratitude, and peace... Or I can choose negativity, fear, judgement, and anxiety. Today, I choose life. To be truly present in every emotion of every moment. To drink in the freedom that comes from being able to choose my direction, and to not fear making a mistake. For every decision that I make is a process of growth in itself, and there are no mistakes. Today I choose to accept anything I consider to be my shadow self. I choose to experience life in it's extreme details. And I choose to recognize the empowerment that comes with the acknowledgment of my ability to make all of these choices. So today, I choose to not deny my humanity... but to embrace it.