My first meeting with Rachel was through my son, Eric. He spoke highly of this fascinating and clairvoyant young lady. We barely got past our hello's before she went straight to telling me things about my own life that she could not have known about me. I was in awe of the things she told me, which in turn caused me to take a good look at my inner self. I am grateful for her insight and the confirmation I received about things I knew and felt about myself, but was afraid to see. It was a beautiful delight to hear about my beloved mother and knowing her spirit still watches over me. There is a beauty from within Rachel that permeates a room with positive light. I look forward to seeing her again.

~Sandy Fox

If you are looking for a professional healer trained in the art of Reiki… Ashley Simcox will not disappoint. Ashley was the 1st person that I’ve ever experienced Reiki with. She shares a warm relaxing energy that penetrates deep into the body and soul. When I heard what Reiki was all about I was very skeptical that the experience would be helpful for my stress and fatigue. So I went to Ashley for confirmation on my skepticism, but instead I found that my session was peaceful and healing. She could tell that I had knee problems without me saying a word to her about it. For the following week at the gym my knees no longer hurt or “popped” during my running. So if you’re wondering does Ashley have the skills to guide you through a Reiki session… absolutely she does… the force is strong with this one. Thank you Ashley, for sharing your rejuvenating energy.

~ Kevin H.

Hi Rachel, I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me this week! Super impactful in my life!!! Your gifts are amazing. 

~Shannon B. 

Calming, insightful, loving, centering, connected... I could go on and on. My Reiki session with Whoobie was wonderful! I could feel her energy connection and her insightful comments weren't surprising because although it was my first time meeting her, after the Reiki session I felt like she already knew me. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to have another Reiki session with Whoobie.

~Autumn Brown Coyne

Rachel, I can not thank you enough for your insight. I so appreciate you sharing your gift with me. I have a new appreciation and understanding about myself that you were able to help me uncover. You are a sweetheart. Thank you. 


I wasn't sure what to expect but i had an amazing experience. From the time i walked in an met Ashley, i felt so relaxed and welcomed! She has definitely got the healing touch and i will be going back for more!

~Jennifer P.

Where do I begin?! Rachel Grundon is a generous, kind-hearted, and extremely brilliant and gifted soul.  My life changed for the better the day I met her.  I've sought out many Reiki sessions with her, when I was at very low points in my life, and the powerful energy that flows through her helped get me back on my feet.  I continue to see her regularly for Reiki 'maintenance.' Because of these intense experiences, I opted to become Reiki II certified under her tutelage.  I had a beautiful experience learning from her.  Rachel is incredibly generous with her knowledge and shares her wisdom without hesitation so that those around her can grow to their fullest potential.  Rachel also works as a powerful psychic and medium.  I love readings from Rachel, as they are spot-on accurate, even if the truths aren't revealed to me immediately.  Many a time I have sent her a message to confirm an intuition she's had, a connection she's made with family members that have passed, or a piece of advice the Universe insisted she share with me.  I'm absolutely, positively blessed to know this beautiful soul, and I encourage others who are struggling to seek out Lux's services, so that you may become more familiar with your true path in life.  Highly recommended!!!

~Gina Kurtz

Ashley has it! Her gift of Reiki has shown me that there exists another side to life that I never knew existed. She "sees" what ailing you and works on making it better for you. When I was done with her Reiki session I was more focused, determined, and relaxed than I have ever been. She has got it! I cant thank her enough for how she showed me that Reiki can be used for something great! Thank you Ashley.

~Robert B.

The Spirit Circle I participated in at Kundalini Yoga and Wellness was a powerful experience for me. Rachel created a welcoming and open atmosphere. I felt very safe sharing my experience in front of others. The reading Rachel did for me was very in tune with what is going on in my life. She confirmed some feelings I have been having and brought up some amazing insight of my life path. She provided guidance on several life questions I have been struggling with and she connected with my late grandfather and channeled his messages through to me which was an emotional experience in itself. I left the circle feeling very at peace with myself and the world around me. My reading has provided me with peace of mind and an eagerness to continue filling my life with positive energy. It has also provided me an internal sense of calm and a clearer view of where I want my life path to lead. I left the studio and immediatly told my friends and family about my experience and I plan on attending another Spirit Circle with Rachel as soon as possible.

~Jessica Schaufert (attendee at one of our Circles)

The reading Rachel did for me was interesting to say the least. I got confirmation on many things, comfort and laughter from my dad, confirmation and direction from my mother in law, and no surprises from my late husband. Thank you, Rachel, for your gift. Our spirits live on to guide those of us left behind in the physical world. In that brings comfort and meaning.

~Marlene Kazor Quigley

I met Rachel in December 2013 at her Reiki practice, Lux Reiki.  It was my first ever encounter with Reiki and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I immediately liked Rachel’s energy and felt very calm in her presence.  I initially scheduled 45 minutes, but quickly changed my mind and went for the full hour based on my comfort level.  While everything with the Reiki itself was wonderful and Rachel did an excellent job, what I was most impressed with was Rachel’s ability to go beyond the energy healing and incorporate her gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

I have had experience with mediums and intuitive people over the years and enjoy working with them very much.  Rachel surprised and impressed me with her gifts and abilities for someone so young.  Several months later, when I approached Rachel about doing a party with her developing mediumship, she told me that she had not done a party yet, but would be willing to do one if I hosted what she called a Spirit Circle.

I immediately said yes and called upon some close friends and family to bring their positive energy and love to a Spirit Circle.  I had low expectations because although I had witnessed Rachel’s gifts firsthand during my Reiki session, I wasn’t sure how she would handle a group of people.  Well, she was fantastic!  She delivered healing messages and wonderful guidance throughout the Spirit Circle.  She was able to also connect with my grandmother who departed the earth more than twenty years ago.

After the party was over, as my guests left, they each thanked me profusely for inviting them to the Spirit Circle and said how completely wonderful and gifted Rachel is.  I highly recommend working with Rachel to connect with your loved ones and guides.  I look forward to working with her and learning from her in the coming years.  I can’t wait to see what else she does with her amazing gifts!

~Katie Pfeltz

Rachel...You offer a great service.

The world is richer because you are in it, and thank you for all that you do.

~Sharon Brown


Just wanted to thank you, again, for the amazingly healing message you gave on Thursday at Reiki Space! Everything you said was pure validation and was truly healing. Your honesty and realness in what you do is so refreshing and is going to help me to be my own self in what I do. I'm so glad our paths have crossed. 

~Kelly McGee Curran

I just had a session with Rachel and received so many answers, confirmation, and guidance. She is truly a gifted healer. Thank you. 

~Gail Coleman

Hi Rachel,

I must tell you, I'm having the most exciting reaction to the Reiki on my back.  Normal mornings for me include my back locking up for the first 20min or so and lots of aching pain. 

However, each day since my Reiki, my back has NOT locked up and I have almost no pain.  It's amazing!  Thank you so much for your help!  I had forgotten to tell you that the crystal you placed on my back put a warmth through the center of my back and it wrapped around to my ribs like warm fingers enveloping me.  It must have helped!

Thanks again!


Hi Rachel!

Thank you again for encouraging me to paint. It has opened up a new channel for me or brought me back to something that I have done before. You are always sharing so much love, and thank you for that as well. 


Jennifer Davy


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